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Please Note: The 40% mentioned in the video was a Blackfriday Offer that ended. We will be switching out the video below soonest to the Normal 10 – 25% commission rates. 

The good news is there is a £30 – £100 Cash Voucher for referrals to our K-Web Social Media Management Services. Simply connect us to a marketer or business in need of those services and if they commit you to receive our voucher via PayPal. 



Please email to be manually added to the program IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS your Products!

Below Are Our Topmost Popular Products for you to create Your Affiliate Links via the “Ads” Tab below:

Click on the “Ads” tab and choose “Link Generation,” copy and paste any of the above products you wish to promote/share in the text box, click the “Generate Referral URL” button. And enjoy Affiliate commission once your prospects Buy.