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Your Secret Affiliate Roadmap 1.0

Step 1: Download Your FREE Ultimate Solo Ads E-mail Swipe File and Branding Cheatsheet


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If you’re looking for a simple and PROVEN way to create Solo Ads & bump up your email list & marketing results (without having to write and test a ton of new subject lines), then this copy-and-paste swipe file is the ultimate shortcut.

PDF-IconThe Ultimate Branding Cheatsheet Swipe File

If you’re looking for a simple and PROVEN guide to starting & creating Your Brand (without having to Pay a fortune to Gurus & Brand Companies), then this Cheatsheet is the ultimate shortcut.

LOGIN_IMSecret Affiliate Roadmap – The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your  Home Business

Learn how to launch your first profitable Home Business, Learn the basics to Affiliate/online marketing and Lead Generation. In this course, we’ll look at How you can Overcome objections and start to Close your Leads like a Pro thus Boosting Your Sales. We’ll get you Creating your Facebook Fan page and getting your very own targeted tribe. Its very simple and every Home Business Owner or Small Business Owner should be doing it! This is your Ultimate Shortcut to Branding & List Building.


Step 2: Take Advantage of This Secret Affiliate Roadmap…

Limited-Time Offer AJA

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Finally Discover The Secret To Building A Lifestyle Business, Leading To Constant  flow of Residual-Income!”



First, I’d like to thank you for taking that first leap of faith and choosing to do business with us here at juleskalpauli Marketing.

I’d like to share with you something that’s of vital importance to your success as a Home Business entrepreneur or Internet Marketer.

It’s important because it’s the main reason most marketers fail to profit in their first few years online – if at all.

And because you’ve proven yourself to be someone who is serious about their internet marketing career, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Here it is.

Going through the motions of being a successful HBO, internet marketer or entrepreneur and having the right tools, software, courses, video training and eBooks, doesn’t make you a successful one!

Now I shall get to what makes you an internet marketer and a successful one at that, but….Before we get to that, answer me honestly…

  • Are you passionate about creating your own Dream lifestyle business that thrives and grows, providing you with a life of freedom?
  • Does it seem like no matter which course you buy and implement, or Guru you follow, you still don’t end up with real sustainable progress?
  • Are you ready to stop jumping from one shiny object to another and finally start to generate leads and build the long-term lifestyle business of your dreams?


 💡 💡  💡

“If You gave A Resounding YES To Any Of The above Questions, Read on…!”

When we first got into the Home Business industry and internet marketing, we had dreams of the 4 hour week ala Tim Ferris, being able to sleep in daily, and have everything completely automated so all we would have to do is check our Bank account or PayPal to see how much money we’d made while we slept!

It sure seemed as though every business training course and marketing promise we bought into promised us exactly that…

All we had to do was follow training system, and start seeing passive monthly income flowing like a river on complete auto-pilot allowing us to enjoy massive time freedom for years to come.

That was the dream 4 years ago…The reality was something quite different…

It took us 4 months to realize the reality was different and we knew we either find a way to build a home business right, generate leads, build our list and create the lifestyle we actually dreamed of…OR….well there was no Or…failure is not in our vocabulary!

So we spent the next few months studying business models, sales funnels, Got more courses from The Real McCoy Trainers to learn how they do it…and its been a journey.

After months of trial and error we finally stumbled across something that works. And to be honest, we were shocked to find how close we’d been the entire time. And once we finally had a system in place…we put it to work. And our lives have since changed dramatically!


Top earners - Secret Affiliate Roadmap

“And the results are TOTALLY worth it!”


The The Affiliate Jetset Academy is Your secret affiliate road map. It is a system we developed to work for the real person, like you. People with jobs, financial and family responsibilities & commitments. Heck, I was working 48+ hours a week & creating this system! And, we’ve designed it to work very quickly because, let’s be honest – if you’re at all like us, you need to start getting the results Soonest!

We can tell you with confidence that you will not need much else to get you progressing in your Home Business and start getting your brand up.

You may have noticed, most people out there aren’t teaching the whole picture. WHY?

Most blogs just cant or won’t give you the full picture…
The majority training by some so called mentors are rehashed or downright copy-cat content…
High end coaching is way too expensive for most people, and doesn’t always come through on its promise…

So that’s why we’ve crafted and done our darnedest to to give you our ‘Personal Coaching and Mastermind Experience’ by documenting EVERYTHING We do to create a Viable profit producing Affiliate JetSet Academy – Secret Affiliate Roadmap  Program (SAR) to your lifestyle business. Please be advised that there are quite a few moving parts to making this all work harmoniously…

…we detail each one step-by-step in the Secret Affiliate Roadmap Training Pro members area.

You’ll also have free and open Skype and Facebook access to Us and other members, just in case you need a little extra help!

That way you’ve got the very best information, the greatest support when you need it (we’re always happy to help!) all at a price you can most certainly afford!

That means you’ll still stand the highest probability of making it as a Home Business Owner and  internet  marketer…without having to sell your Precious property first.

  • So are you still passionate about creating a life of freedom…?
  • If you’re sick of jumping from one program to another (shiny object syndrome)…
  • And if you’re at last ready to build the lifestyle business of your dreams…

Ka family





—- The Affiliate JetSet Academy —-

Inside this program, we’ll cover our entire business model from start to finish, over the course of 9-Modules.

By the end of this training, you’ll be able to start from scratch, build your business up to a high five figure, and if you raise the Bar anything is possible by the end of the year…

…and from there, the sky is truly NOT the limit.

This Membership Only Training Program Will Allow You To:

– Create A Sustainable Home Business
– Learn How To Systematize and Automate the Entire Business
– And Continually Grow It Into Your Own Marketing Empire



Here’s What You’ll Get in our Affiliate Jetset Academy  – Your Secret Affiliate Roadmap package.

IT is centered around the 4 Cs 

  • CONNECT0r – Magnet
  • COLLABORATE -Break Through Factory
  • CROSS BOUNDARIES – Profit Center



  • Our Proven Methods for creating lead magnets quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to wait more than a few hours to see your very first subscribers!
  • A Proven Step-By-Step System to building a VERY profitable business, plus a complete Blueprint for scaling it to however large you choose!
  • Examples of incredible high converting sales funnels, which you can replicate to make sure you always get the most from your launch
  • What To Do when you’re unknown in the Internet Marketing world, and how to gain a fast and loyal following without doing it the hard way.
  • In other words, for the driven Home Business Entrepreneurs.  In This Full ADVANCED COURSE, You Get the following: Ninja Email Marketing, Leveraged Lead Generation from Social Media, Twitter Marketing, Branding You Inc., Blogging and how to get your first 100 subscribers, PPC & Solo Ads, Our email swipes and Much Much More.

So If You Want To:

– Have The Ability To Generate real targeted traffic or leads and create A True Online Income…
– Work Just A Few Hours Per Week To Sustain An Awesome Lifestyle…
– Create a Brand and Have Floods Of Marketers COMING TO YOU To Promote YOUR Offer…

Then The Secret Affiliate Roadmap and Training Program is PERFECT for you!


  • But This Won’t Apply To Everyone, So:

    – If You’re Just Looking For ‘The Easy Way Out’…
    Not Willing To Put In Any Effort At All,…
    – Are You Expecting Six Figures By Tomorrow…

    … Then this Affiliate Roadmap wont probably won’t be a good fit for you. WHY???

    Because To get this right, and to really enjoy the internet lifestyle, you need to be willing to put in some time and the effort.

    It’s the same for anything that’ll actually earn you a living, especially something that makes five figures so achievable.

    Building a real legitimate business is a grind. It’s enough for most folks to give up on their dream of building a sustainable lifestyle business altogether.

    It’s easy to say ‘it doesn’t have to be this way’…But it DOES! IF you keep on with the same methods and training the rest of the world does.

    BUT I’ve broken down my unique method into 10 Easy Steps so it can be easily analyzed and repeated by anyone.

    This means you’ll be able to replicate and build out this system at a rare countless times faster and easier than your competition.




    “No stress, no hassle, just a Proven system That works”

    Just as soon as you get into Secret Affiliate Roadmap and Training Program, you’ll have Instant Access to our Top-Notch Training Materials and Mastermind Facebook group so you can get started right away.


    Your Secret Affiliate Roadmap Bonuses: You will also gain access to Our Conquer summit 2015 e-book, by Award winning Media expert N. McNeil. This is a Must have Report for any serious business owner and we are sharing it with You The Serious Action takers! Its a breakdown of what steps you must take to step back and have the balance you need for you, your family and Your business! For Personal Growth, for Wellness and above all for your business to grow in the right direction. We all know it can grow the wrong direction don’t we…there is such a thing as negative returns! Plus we are throwing in 2 extra special PDF Reports that are not on the open market Thus why this program is called “SECRET”! Well thats our massive Bonus Thank You to You for Taking action Today. Only For The Action Takers!


    Literally just an hour from now, you may have already discovered the first of many revelations that’ll transform your Internet Marketing career forever.

    Let us be absolutely clear here… This is not a ‘cheap’ training program.

    This isn’t something you can pick up for the price of a burger and expect to change your life. This incredibly rare training is aimed at serious marketers who are willing to put in the necessary time an effort. We’ve seen time and time again, people with incredible information under their noses, who do nothing with it.

    OUR personal coaching sells for $1,000.

    We could setup your website & business for you for $5,000.

    And even then, you’d likely see a 300% ROI.

    But if you’re dedicated to joining the Top 3% Of Earners In The World, and you’re willing to put in the legwork yourself… we see no reason why you wont succeed and eat the fruits!

    So for complete access to The Secret Affiliate Training Program…($357 Value MINIMUM)

    Plus Monthly Facebook Support For As Long As You’re A Member…($97 Value PER MONTH)

    We could easily charge $67 a month…

    And it wouldn’t even be too much to ask if we charged only $47 a month

    But to reward you for Taking Action Today, you can Grab The AJA Program For a Steal, a ONE TIME payment of Just:


    Secret Affiliate Roadmap Program_1_SARP_1

    That’s right…

    Your investment today is just $197…

    That gives you a chance to check out the training, poke around inside the members only area, and then decide for yourself whether you want to continue implementing the top-notch training program.

    Our sincere hope is you’ll love what you see, learn and implement and choose to progress to the advanced program Affiliate JetSet Mastery Academy – KaSPA…

    If you do, GREAT!

    If not, that’s OK too.

    You have our full 7 days no quibbles no questions asked Guarantee.

    We know you’ll love it so if You are The go getter we believe you are since you are still here, and don’t want to mess about and of course Save $over $6000 bucks…Go for it.

    Did you know you can separate the ‘wanna be’ marketers from the ones destined for success, purely by the decisions they make. The SART Program will give you an explicitly detailed, step-by-step guide to building your own automated lifestyle home business.

    But Now Is The Time To Decide…

    Once your payment has been securely transferred… you’ll then be sent your login details for immediate access to The Secret Affiliate Roadmap & Training Program.

    So make the best possible investment in your future right now by Clicking The Big Red ‘Order Now’ Button Below Now! (THERE IS AN EVEN BIGGER SURPRISE INSIDE JUST FOR THE FAST ACTION TAKERS…HIT THAT BUTTON)



    Affiliate JetSet Academy
    The Affiliate JetSet Academy – The 4-C Formula to Your First 10K online. A business must have if you’re brand new to Network Marketing OR stuck & need to start getting results and create an income Faster!
    Price: £217.91













    P.S. Trying to build a complete hands-off business on your own is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    But we’ve managed to put together a complete blueprint, from start to finish, with personally proven methods that’ll ensure you don’t make the same mistakes everybody else makes.

    You could turn down the opportunity and try to go it alone, but in a few months time there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in trouble, because to be honest, building an automated business is NOT EASY without a ton of experience and a big financial buffer behind you.

    We aint trying to scare you here… believe me, that’s not our style. We’re trying to make sure you’re aware of what we see every single day. People try, and they fail, because they don’t listen to good advice and they don’t have a plan. Don’t fall for the classic line ‘Internet Marketing Is Easy’.

    Because if you keep this up, no matter what method you try in the future, you’re still going to run into the same problems. We learned it the hard way… If someone successful is there to give you good advice, GRAB IT.

    So prove yourself to be smarter than we were in your shoes, Hit The Buy Now Button Now…And look forward to having your very own Home business Blueprint to get you up and running in no time!



    P.P.S. Now this goes without saying, but this $197 offer won’t be available for long, and it won’t return any time soon when it does go away. And when you make the choice today, you will find a surprise Gift In your back office…Go!

    Buy right now while it’s fresh on your mind (and while this page is still active) Take this affiliate roadmap as Our Gratitude Give away! Because the Value you will receive in this Coaching is Unbelievable.

    Affiliate JetSet Academy
    The Affiliate JetSet Academy – The 4-C Formula to Your First 10K online. A business must have if you’re brand new to Network Marketing OR stuck & need to start getting results and create an income Faster!
    Price: £217.91