Top Tools For Book Writing, Publishing, and Brand Promotion

Over the past 8+ years, I’ve spent lots of $$$$$ on tools, systems, software, coaching, and marketing strategies both for our business and book publishing.

Trust me some weren’t worth the e-paper they were written on. That said, some were worth their weight in gold. For Purposes of Draft-2-Sold,  I figured it would be beneficial if we put together a list of what tools or services we still use today to take our book publishing and brand promotion to the next level.

FULL Disclosure: Most of the links on this page are affiliate links, so I will earn a commission if you purchase, but they will not cost you any extra for doing so.  Please understand that everything below was chosen because I have used it myself and find it beneficial to the Kalungi Group Brand.

That said, you decide the value to you 100% before purchasing. Let’s do this:


For General Online and Digital Marketing, Download My CheatSheet Right Here and be sure to follow the Info shared to Build your Online Empire.

And now to Book Publishing Specifics



The right Keywords and Book Categories determine how many sales you will make with your marketing efforts. And KDP Rocket is hands down the best tool for these two Essential actions. 



Designrr – This megabook design and formatting tool will save you a ton of time in formatting your book for Kindle Publishing. You can use it to Create Mini DPFs, Lead magnets, give away resources, self-published books you sell on your own website, etc. It is an asset to any digital marketer and/or author. Often times you can get it at a $27 one time fee. If you pick up their content package, you will NEVER run out of lead magnets material.  


You can also try this wee tool for formatting your book for Kindle Publishing. Check out Jutor 2 At a £35 one-time fee, it’s a steal. It was created solely for the purpose of formatting ALL e-book versions and It’s super easy to learn. See it in action.


Never lose your book drafts, images, or videos, get DropBox today. As a new writer, nothing could be more frustrating than writing a whole chapter, and you cannot find it. So use this resource to save your work and access it anywhere.


Free Headline Generator – headlines and bullet points are the two things that readers look for first. Headlinr is a Chrome extension that can help you generate great Headlines in a hurry. Go to the Chrome Extensions Store and check for headlinr offered by Your headline is crucial to get potential readers and customers to check out the rest of your book, or copy.


FREE Book Description Generator – Since writing books is new to you, creating descriptions that stop the scroll will be new to you too. This Resource Will be your best friend when it comes to generating an AMAZON Optimized book description. I am talking Html and talking coded stuff. Which is what you will need.


FREE Book Category Hunting Tool – The right Category can make or break your book. Use overused, highly competitive categories, and your boom will never get found in organic search. Use way underused categories and nobody is searching for them, the same result. So, use this tool to find the right ones. 



An Author Page + a Lead Magnet. A MUST HAVE for any savvy publisher, even if you will only publish one book… Let the world know about YOU And what lead you to write that book. Plus of course some bonuses for those who pick up your book from that page. You could also sell your book yourself via that website as an eBook or you find an independent Publisher other than amazon for your paperback. K-Web Social Designs are professionals at Web design and content creation at budget-friendly prices.


Unless you have connections to Sir Richard Branson, you need to build your list from the get-go, even before you start writing your book. The following are the tools we use. 


Aweber: My all-time favorite CRM and email service. Always at the forefront of adapting with the times, 

MailerLite: Mailerlite is more contemporary, attractive to the Millennial, and very user-friendly, reliable, and great value. For me, Mailerlite in comparison to GetResponce, and Mailchimp is way better value and user friendly while also pocket friendly. At 1000 free Subscribers before you pay any money.     

LeadPages: There are many web pages and Landing Page Creators on the market, but this one is my favorite. It is highly customizable, it affords me many liberties in building Professional One-off pages or even Full Courses with a great overall design. You too can create your own Author Page with this resource, plus all the sales pages and capture pages you need. It easily links into your CRM and so you will be in list building heaven. Furthermore, it has A/B Testing which is crucial in ensuring your opt-in process is effective and efficient. Read about its efficiency in this article I wrote.


And more will be added with time if they aren’t already part of the various Steps inside your course Draft-2-Sold.